We always have 160-170 kinds of drinks
We recommend sake that suits your taste and goes well with ordered meal course

There are four seasons to sake.
Find new combinations of sake and Japanese cuisine at Sakurae.

It is surprisingly relatively unknown that there are four seasons to sake as well.
As the seasonal ingredients change daily, flavors of sake and the best time to consume them also change. Fascinated by such sake, the owner of Sakurae visits sake breweries all around Japan, tastes sake himself, and purchases them regardless of brands.

Aside from Japanese sake, we offer shochu-spirits and various other kinds of drink.
In addition, we have various types of soft drinks aimed towards children and people who don’t like alcohol and/or are driving.
The owner, a certified “Kikisake-shi” (sake sommelier) and “sommelier”, shows you how to enjoy sake by recommending ones that suit your dishes from 160-170 kinds stocked at all times, so feel free to consult him.


Toyonaka Sakurae
満田 健児
Kenji Mitsuda


〒560-0054 Oscar Building 2F, 7-10-7Sakuranocho, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka
TEL-FAX : 06-6845-3987


9 minutes on foot from Osaka monorail Shoji Station


15 minutes by car from Shin-Osaka Station 
12 minutes by car from ITM
12 minutes by car from KIX
※Parking is available on the basement floor of the building

■Toyonaka store■
☎ 06-6845-3987
LUNCH 11:30am ~ 2:00pm(last call 1:30pm)
DINNER 5:30pm ~ 11:00pm(last call 9:00pm)
Open only on Saturdays and Sundays

■Nishitenma store■
☎ 06-4397-3987
5:30pm ~ 11:00pm(last call 9:00pm)
Closed on Mondays / Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays
※Open on Mondays in December
Click here for reservation

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